BLOG UPDATED nov 7th after THNKFST 2016…

For those who joined this party: THNX for a heated debate! Can’t wish for better than that. The Sharing Economy-saga, which includes (in my opinion!) an Airbnb drama, will continue. Meanwhile check out my airbnb-me-presentation-held-nov3-2016 , because the URLs inthere link up to sites with continuously updated data. And /or see my brief intro and links below.

For those who missed out on this THNKFST: I hope we find out before next year’s event what kept many of you from visiting, in spite of a rich mix of 60+ spontaneous activities. For (in addition to Fenna’s theatre-blog above): AUDIENCE makes the theatre! Best, Paul

“Airbnb – great way to share couleur locale and for good money too. Are you renting out your own space there? Or do you HATE your neighbour for doing the same? Now that the new economy has landed in our bedrooms, it’s time we start THNKng about it, FST.” Weblinks with food for thought below, or explore here THNKFST-site

Background in Dutch: a volkskrant-august-17th-2016 article on commercialisation even at campsites near Amsterdam. Links with more background in English:

  1. What are the data? ; 2. does Airbnb affect prices in Amsterdam?

3. Is the share economy alive or already dead? 4.Regain control and create a FairBnB!

Lots to discuss so CU HHS the Hague, november 3rd, 1500hrs; Speakers Corner!

Filosoof, docent in WO en HBO en onderwijsontwikkelaar op alle dimensies van de morele beroepsvorming: met beginnende en met ervaren public professionals.

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