Art is important for the Hague University. The presence of many different types of artworks in the University is deliberate. The intention is to surprise and spark off the imagination of the spectator, thus adding an extra dimension to the experience of studying and working in the building. Well represented is photographic art from the last century, with many pictures of educational situations.

THNK FST, the new experimental educational initiative of the Hague University, enables us not only to pay attention to the existing art, but add NEW art as well. Let’s make new pictures that represent our today’s view on education: new images that show the surpises an imagination in education we will experience during THNK FST.

Picture this! has multiple purposes:

  • it invites you to look with a keen eye for those moment, that inspire you as participant of THNK FST and picture those moments
  • it provides an opportunity to get to know your co-workers and students better;
  • it pays attention to existing art in the building;

So, bring your camera, make pictures during the day and send them to:

Together, our pictures will represent the experiences of THNK FST resulting in a new ‘gesammtkunstwerk’ for the University’s art collection, made in collaborative effort. It will document and celebrate not only the new educational initiative THNK FST, but the education of today as well!

Come and join this initiative on November 3th, 11.00 AM in Speakers Corner. Enroll now:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor haagse hogeschool


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