What do you do at the HHS?

I am a lecturer at International Business teaching business communication and critical thinking to international students. With my great team we develop and teach skills from presenting, analytical writing to debating and more.

Next to that I am a researcher for the research group Change Management.

What is your background?

Frisian with a Rotterdams-Groningse streak. I went to a college in the USA at the age of 17 where I discovered that my English was not that bad and that I could pursue a study in English language and literature. After two years I continued this at the VU resulting in a thesis about textuality. I also started teaching college students Business English as a part-time job, which ended up in a full-time job and a teaching degree.

What is your research about?

I thought about combining business and films for years but never got around to doing it. Until a few years ago when the research group Change Management actually organized a film festival called Corporate Bodies: where film meets organization. I got the opportunity to take students and colleagues to the film Margin Call, introduce it and discuss some financial world issues with them. After that I even got a bigger opportunity to continue film.

This entails me looking into film and education in the classroom but also outside going to the Filmhuis Den Haag. One part of it is critically reviewing the course I already taught and research how film/documentary enhances students’ critical thinking skills. And critically reflect what I do as a lecturer. Together with Jacco van Uden I have written a chapter about this soon to be published in Reshaping International Teaching and Learning: Universities in the Information Age (Routledge).

The new quest is creating a kind of toolkit for lecturers on how to teach with film (scenes) linked to teaching critical thinking skills. Exciting.

Researcher for Change Management, investigating film, education & critical thinking. Implementing it as lecturer for International Business, all at THUAS.

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