It’s on! Yesterday the The Hage district court finally decided after a pre-trial review that the trial of mr. Wilders (for his outragous expressions from March 2014 on Dutch Moroccans) will definitely start on october 31st.

But there is a catch. Mr. Wilders will get an incredible amount of free publicity again during this entire process which is shortly before our upcoming parliamentary elections. So even if he would be judged guilty on one or maybe two of the indictments (of racial insult, incitment to hatred and discrimination), the fact of the process itself will give again ample opportunities for continued corrosive disrespect of co-citizens.

We need additional means to combat these phenomena. In my mind these should also be of a non-juridical kind. But which kind? And how can one argue convincingly for them? If you are interested in thinking these questions through, glance through my presentation re-activating-dignity which I gave during the international philosophical conference on human dignity just the day before. What are your thoughts on this? No reason for philosophy to always arrive as late as Minerva’s owl…

Filosoof, docent in WO en HBO en onderwijsontwikkelaar op alle dimensies van de morele beroepsvorming: met beginnende en met ervaren public professionals.

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