Ethical Issues in Researching Gossip

During one of my classes on ethics, I tell my first year students that I am facing a variety of ethical dilemmas in my own research on gossip. “Let’s say that I want to do a study on how my colleagues gossip at the Hague University. How would you research that? ” I ask. “Why […]

Experiment on Gossip

During Onderzoeksdag on 15 April, at The Hague University, I gave a workshop about my research on gossip. A few colleagues from the Research Group Change Management also helped me conduct a small experiment. My workshop on gossip is just about to start. While I am still setting up and uploading my prezi, two of […]

Workshop about Gossip Research

On April 15, during Onderzoeksdag at The Hague University, I will give a workshop about my research on gossip. I will first give a brief overview of what has been written about gossip in the literature. What are the mechanisms of gossip: who do we gossip with? Who do we gossip about? What are the […]

Gossip Girls

The tongue is the sword of a woman –and she never lets it go rusty (Chinese proverb). “Would anyone watch a TV spinoff called “Gossip Guy”? wonders Cari Neirenburg, in her article Gossip Guys. “No, the network isn’t considering it,” she claims. “If it did, the show would definitely have different story lines and dialogues than […]

Putin: “Life would be boring without Gossip”

“Life would be boring without gossip”, Putin said after an unexplained absence of eleven days. And indeed, life was not boring during his absence, if you judge by the rumours that were going around. Putin was suffering from a variety of life-threatening illnesses, had  botched cosmetic surgery, died,  succumbed to a coup d’etat, was giving birth to his […]

Accused of Gossiping

“Not only is he filling his pockets – he’s also gossiping.”  ‘Verheijen heeft ook geroddeld.’ These were the headlines that recently appeared in the Dutch media. Mark Veheijen, an MP for the VVD (The People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy) had to resign last week because of “inappropriate expense charges.” He is also accused of […]

Gossip in The Office

In an episode of The Office, manager Michael Scott has the feeling that everyone in the office is in the loop when it comes to the latest gossip – except him. “I hate, hate, hate being left out,” he says. “It’s like not being picked for a team, or being picked for a team and […]