I am excited to announce that my book, Have I Got Dirt for You is now available, and can be easily ordered at Amsterdam University Press.

Even if it’s fresh off the press, it’s already getting great reviews! The Financial Times recommends it in their article, FT business books: what to read this month.

 In another article,  The Financial Times writes: “If you are the “I don’t do gossip” sort, then take note. You could be damaging your career. “Gossip” generally conjures negative connotations — some revel in it, some hate it. But according to a fascinating book by Dominique J. Darmon, gossip at work is essential. However, if you pride yourself on being the king or queen of office gossip, don’t get too excited either. There is an art to getting it right. In Have I Got Dirt For You: Using Office Gossip to Your Advantage, Darmon lays out a fascinating analysis of how gossip is good if we better understand it, know when and how to dish it out.”

 The Handelsblatt (Germany) “has reviewed promising new releases from the field in English” and one of them is…  Have I Got Dirt for You!    

“The key to gossip success,” they say, “is finding the right balance. Studies show that if you constantly gossip, your colleagues will quickly classify you as not very trustworthy. On the other hand, according to Darmon, people who never participate in office gossip can appear disinterested. (…) How do you master this balancing act? Darmon has many concrete tips for this – addressed to both bosses and their team members.”

The book is the result of several years of research within the Change Management Research Group at the Hague University. My students have also been involved. Students from various courses and programmes (such as the minor Journalism and Media, International Communication Management, and Human Resources Management), have conducted many of the interviews featured in the book. I also gave quite a few lectures on the topic during my classes, and the discussions with students were a great source of inspiration!

Dominique Darmon is a lecturer at The Hague University for Applied Sciences since 2012. She teaches courses such as Journalism and Media, Corporate Communications and Cross Cultural Communication Management. She coaches first year students and also supervises third years for their final papers and internships. Dominique has more than fifteen years of experience as a television producer: she worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for Vision TV, (Canada’s national, multi-faith television network) and produced documentaries for OMNI Television, (a Canadian multi-cultural station). Dominique then worked for SNV (Netherlands Development Organisation) as international campaign manager. She designed, coordinated, and implemented the ‘Making a Difference’ campaign in association with Euronews. Her work took her around the world, to places such as Russia, Indonesia, Cuba, Iraq, Cambodia, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea.

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