Gossiping: The art of building (or losing)trust across cultures

 I recently read an article “Gossip has It! An In-Depth Investigation of Malaysian Employees on Gossip Activities at Workplace.” The authors claim that “gossip activities in organisational settings are universal,” and that they occur despite the “boundaries of time, culture and geographical constraints.” Really? The authors argue that, for Malaysian employees, gossip has the function […]

Gossip in San Diego

I will have the pleasure of presenting my paper: “An Intercultural Analysis of Gossip” at the ICA Conference: Interventions: Communication Research and Practice, taking place in San Diego, from 25-29 May. An Intercultural Analysis of Gossip -Abstract The range of studies that have been conducted on the role of gossip in organizations suggest that gossip in the […]

Hidden Rules

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Cphbusiness School in Copenhagen to give two workshops about the role of gossip in Organizations. The students there are between 32 and 53 years old, and all have jobs while pursuing their studies on the side: for example, one works for a tourist organization, another for the Danish Tax Office,  […]

Gossiping with the hairdresser

I am sitting at the hairdresser’s, waiting for the colour to seep into my hair. The assistant places a small timer next to me, and for the next 50 minutes, I flip through fashion magazines. No matter how hard I try,  I cannot resist the urge to eavesdrop.  My hairdresser, Robert (not his real name), is […]

Reflexive in Athens

I had the opportunity to attend the EGOS Conference in Athens, from July 2-4, and followed the  ‘track’ (or sessions) on Organisational Ethnography. Since I am preparing to conduct field research on a group of employees facing a major change within their organisation,  I am deeply interested in organisational ethnography as a research method. How […]

Is Gossip Sexy?

A question that keeps coming up is whether I should  completely avoid the word gossip when interviewing people and talking about my research. As Jacco van Uden points out in his reaction to my last blog: “Het woord roddel heeft zoveel negatieve connotaties dat het je blijkbaar in de weg zit als je er onderzoek naar […]