Programmers write code to make a computer function in a desired way. A programmer however also has to write code that is readable and reusable by other programmers. Programmers with different backgrounds and expertise in programming will be reading each other’s code and this, in turn, will result in mixed opinions on the code of one other.

If you ask programmers for their opinion on code, common answers are: “This is a good solution” or “This code is written poorly”, sentences that describe how the code functions and how well it solves a problem. Interestingly, answers like “This code is beautiful”, “Such elegant code” or even “This is ugly” – comments that clearly address code from an aesthetic point of view – are also very common. To what extent do functionality and aesthetics overlap or even coincide? Are beauty and functionality two sides of the same coin?

In this study, we try to give an answer to these questions by interviewing eight professional programmers from different fields.

Want to know more? Click here to read the full article.

We are currently searching for programmers that are willing to be interviewed so we can learn more about aesthetics in the programming language Python. Please consider helping us by replying or sharing this post!

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