Lab-Log – an Account of Working Towards a The Hague Laboratory for Public Affairs

The Hague University for Applied Sciences (THUAS) is deeply involved in developing urban innovation laboratories. In cooperation with the The Hague municipal government currently several ‘InnoLabs’ are operational, experimenting with new approaches of issues ranging from energy transition and circular neighbourhood economies to active citizenship and urban polarisation. As nodes in an urban network the InnoLabs bring together active citizens, experts, artists, urban professionals and others who are willing and able to contribute to finding new ways in engaging in urban challenges.

Within THUAS the efforts come together in a to be developed innovation playground dedicated to engaging in the urban challenges that surface in the InnoLabs. The focus is on matters that concern us all, and on moving from dominant personal and social perspectives on what is right and wrong towards public notions serving both the city and THUAS as an institute. There is a strong link with one of the THUAS ambitions, which is to provide for a learning environment in which world citizenship can be developed.

Lab-Log: Experimenting with Matters That Concern Us All shows the development of urban innovation laboratories towards what has become known as The Hague Laboratory for Public Affairs. Lab-Log is a personal and multi-media account, and as such an experiment in documenting laboratory practice. A free digital copy can be found at

Lab-Log is one of the sources for a operational handbook that is written, making urban innovation laboratory procedures accessible to the wide range of contributors InnoLabs wants and needs to attract. In the coming months workshops will be organised to discuss Lab-Log content and other accounts of InnoLab practice as input for the handbook. Sessions will be announced here. For now the invitation is to send comments on Lab-Log content to Rob Ruts, quartermaster urban innovation laboratories at THUAS and compiler of Lab-Log. or +31651100790.


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