Event II: ‘Rethinking business & economics education at THUAS’  
Date: March 14, 12-15h
Room: Kennedy, OV K.47, THUAS (Johanna Westerdijkplein 75) 

Language: English and Dutch

Organizers: Research Platform The Next Economy / Research groups New Finance & Change Management 


12:00               Lunch

12:30              Opening: welcome, background and wrap-up kick-off meeting December 20 by Martijn van der Linden (professor of New Finance)

12:45              Presentation PhD research ‘The Moral Formation of Business Students’ by Jelle van Baardewijk (researcher VU University Amsterdam)

13:45               Workshop: reshaping Business & Economics @THUAS by Jacco van Uden (professor of Change Management) and Reitse Keizer (researcher New Finance):

14:50               Plenary wrap-up

15:00               Closing


  • Connecting lecturers, researchers and students at THUAS who are interested in ‘new’ business & economics
  • Learning and understanding new insights and developments
  • Developing next steps

If you are interested to join this kick-off meeting, if you know a colleague or student who is interest in ‘new’ economics and wants to join, please send an email to TheNextEconomy@hhs.nl, or forward this invitation.

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