… and have quite innovative takes on work and life. That’s true at least for those four I met during the last couple of days in the pop-up store @THUAS. Today, on day 13 of the store, it’s Ard Regenboog who after years of “no show” at school, felt attracted by the popup-store coordinated by fellow student Jurrian Langewen from the SBRM program. With loftandsound.com, Ard has created a new concept for selling industrial lamps and old materials, furniture and object. From his workshop in Almere and frequent travels to France and Germany, he delivers 5 local resellers and his own webshop. “I do everything at my own pace, earn enough and enjoy thoroughly what I’m doing”, says Ard when we have a coffee together on the huge red sofa which spent a former life in the archives of THUAS. Popupstore-Inmylife1His relaxed energy inspires me to calm down and look around.

I realize that other than attracting “drop-out” students, the store does a good job in creating a synergy between the art installation and the vintage merchandise. From conceptstore experiences it is often criticized, that art or distracts the customer from actually buying, or is just a “prop” looking nice, but isn’t interesting or useful for the customer. Here it’s different: After listening to the “clothes stories” of INMYLIFE, many students and lecturers actually feel encouraged to look at the vintage clothes for sale. Or the other way around. Jurrian wouldn’t be able to make a living from the sales alone, but the social encounters and cultural experiences generated by the store are priceless!

Senior lecturer & researcher @ The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Specialized on creative leadership & entrepreneurship aswell as ambidexterity in top management teams. Currently researching designer/business partner collaboration in the Designer Fashion sector.

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