Listening to the story of INMYLIFE

Listening to the story of INMYLIFE

“You only enter a place if you know what it is”, says Jurrian Langewen, the student who coordinates the popup store at “De Haagse”. Turning my back to the homy smell of Italian coffee from the popup bar, I gaze outside of the store: Indeed, students wrapped in all shapes and colours facing the University’s main entrance with a fixed stare ahead. No time for looking right or left. On day9 after its opening, the popup store still feels a little “out-of-place”. Those who do come in, are mostly international students and teachers. Also, parents returning from their children’s graduation or people from the neighbourhood attracted by the offer of free tax advice in the main hall. They are the most curious and many of them also explore the art installation. They start conversations: About clothes, about studying at THUAS, about the almost private and welcoming atmosphere once they are in the store. It seems like time for a moment stands still. Maybe this is not despite, but because this space is “out-of-place”?

Senior lecturer & researcher @ The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Specialized on creative leadership & entrepreneurship aswell as ambidexterity in top management teams. Currently researching designer/business partner collaboration in the Designer Fashion sector.

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